Sarbinowo is a holiday village, located by Baltic sea 20 kilometers from koszalin and 7 km from Mielno. It is typical tourist holiday resort. The greatest advantage of the Sarbinowo is without a doupt outspoken, wide and sandy beach. Plenty of tourist and bicycle's routes certainly will induce for active spending of time. However the biggest advantage of all is unusual like nowhere else microclimate and the fact that Sarbinowo is the most saturated with iodine region in Europe.


First informations about Sarbinowo come from the 14th century. What is realy interesting, the town was not associated with Baltic sea at all.Sarbinowo before the centuries was located almost 1.5 kilometers from the sea and town had rather agricultural character than fishing.For centuries Baltic had more and more forced its way deep into the land. in 19th century Sarbinowo was even threatened with the flood.Ttherefore in 1910 the stone-concrete wall was built. The wall has been protecting the town before the Baltic sea till now.In Sarbinowo you can visit a typical fishing cottage. The town can also boast about neo-gothic church, raised in the place of medivial temple in 1856-57.

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Attractions of Sarbinowo and surroundings :

lighthouse in Gąski
stud of horses
mini zoo
fishing harbour in Chłopy
new promenade
bicycle and tourist routs
voyages by Jamno lake